Thursday, July 30, 2009

Expat Women August Home Page

Hi Everyone, We uploaded today our Expat Women August home page (a little early) and we invite you take a look at this month's features and interviews:

Success Story
Kim Edwards
Sea English Academy
Since 1979, Kim Edwards has worked and travelled across 59 nations, including disaster relief work in Iraq, Lebanon, the West Bank and Jordan. Now, she runs Sea English Academy International, which delivers training in more than 20 locations across 15 countries worldwide…
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Business Idea
Ark International
Kate Lorenz
Kate Lorenz is the Managing Director and a Co-Founder of Ark International – a housing and orientation company based in Shanghai, China with a subsidiary office in Moscow, Russia. Kate is a Brit who grew up in Africa and the Middle East. She moved to China seven years ago...
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Living Courageously In An Economic Crisis
Robin Fay McNair
How much fear is too much? In the past eight years there has been an epidemic of fear in just about every walk of life. But should we just stay home and quit doing anything altogether?
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A Broad Abroad
The Expat Wife's Guide To Successful Living Abroad
Robin Pascoe
We talk to the Expat Expert, Robin Pascoe about the relaunch of her original ‘Culture Shock: A Wife’s Guide’ and what she has learned about support for expat spouses over 20 years...
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Salary Negotiation
Tips For Women
Kelly Magowan
Studies show that women are highly uncomfortable with salary negotiation and as a result we avoid it. Even when we do enter into salary negotiation we do not actively seek out the best deal for ourselves, but rather look to...
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Expat Confession
Raising Bilingual Children
EW Girlfriend
We are a British family about to move to Brazil. One of my major concerns about our move is that none of us speak Portuguese. Other people have told me that children are fast learners when it comes to language and it will all work out once I get there, but will it?
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