Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HSBC Expat Survey- Part 3 of 3

Hi Everyone, Just released is the third and final instalment of the HSBC survey conducted this year which surveyed 2,155 expats across four continents:

Part 3: Expat Experience (or downloadable PDF version)

  • Making friends with the locals
  • Joining a local community group
  • Learning the local language
  • Buying property and setting up a new business
  • Having children and marrying into the local population
  • Changed citizenship
  • The age factor

...and if you missed the first two instalments...

Part 2: Offshore Offspring (or downloadable PDF version)

  • The cost of raising children abroad
  • Travel abroad for more active children
  • The cultural advantage
  • Languages
  • Expectation to remain
  • Healthy children

Part 1: Expat Existence (or downloadable PDF version)

  • Standard of accommodation
  • Popular destinations
  • Earn and save
  • Luxurious lifestyle

Warmest regards, Andrea.

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