Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Expat Women - January 2009 Home Page

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you are enjoying (or have enjoyed) some wonderful new year's eve festivities, as we upload our January Home Page:

Success Story
Graziella Zanoletti
CIO (Chief Inspiring Officer) & Founder, Elite Rent-a-Car
Founder & President, Friends of Humanity
Italian-born Graziella Zanoletti started her luxury car hire and chauffeur service company Elite Rent-a-Car in 1987 and has built it today to a €20 million business, spanning seven countries, with sales representatives in five additional countries…

Expat Divorce
Divorce Overseas: 10 Steps To Protect Your Children
Frank Arndt
If your marriage breaks down, the prospects can be daunting if you are “stuck” in a foreign country, without a strong grasp of the language or knowledge of local culture...

Virtual Work Abroad
Working Virtually: A Great Way To Earn Additional Income
Jean Stone, Jobs Online
Are you an expat living abroad who is frustrated with visa restrictions and trying to think creatively about how to generate both satisfying work and income? Then think virtually: working from home gives individuals a chance to earn extra income by performing a variety of tasks...

Bilingual Kids
Raising A Bilingual Child
Barbara Zurer Pearson
Barbara, who has more than twenty years of research experience in the fields of bilingualism and linguistics, shares with us some of the insights from her step-by-step guide for parents who want their young children to become bilingual…

Business Idea
Amy Maguire
Family Manx Magazine
We talk to Amy Maguire, an American-British mother and music teacher who has transformed herself into a successful publisher of a family magazine that not only distributes 9,000 copies across the Isle of Man, but also pays her an income abroad…

Expat Confession
Why Should I Move?
ExpatWomen Girlfriend
My husband has just been offered a one-year assignment abroad and I am thinking about whether or not to quit my job and move away from my ill mother to join him. I have no aspirations to live abroad, I am really very content and happy with my life here, and I feel duty bound to be here for my mother. I have thought about living apart...

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Wishing you a 2009 that exceeds your expectations,

Warmest regards, Andrea.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the woman who is deciding whether or not to move with her husband -- that is a tough one, I was in your same situation a little over a year ago and decided to take the plunge. As with everything in life, + and -It was fun in the beginning when my husband had at least a weekend free now and then, but lately he has been working 7 days a week (for the past several months). I have thought about going back to the US several times but am trying to stick it out. So many variables depending on country, language, cost of living, time away from career, etc. Ladies I have met drink coffee and go on "day trips" and I have not found anyone to really "connect" with. No one seems that interested in a career, current events, politics; it seems like it's mostly Moms and Grandmoms. I think what is important is that if you DO decide to relocate, then you need to find something for yourself, like a hobby or learning a language. All in all, it's a great opportunity & good luck with your decision!

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