Tuesday, December 16, 2008

E-Zine Articles: New Travel Categories

Hi Everyone, Many of you may already know that one of the most commonly quoted sites for submitting articles that you have written, in the hope that other sites/blogs/people will link to you and/or quote you, is EZineArticles.com.

However one of the barriers with submission (and getting noticed) on this site has often been the absence of the exact category that you need. One example of this is that there is no specific category for "Expatriates", "Living Overseas", "International Living" or similar. In the past, I have written to them to suggest establishing this new category. Feel free to do the same here. :-)

Anyway, good news this week is their addition of two new travel sub-categories that might help some of you:

Adventure Travel
Articles about/concerning Adventure Travel, Whitewater Rafting, Blackwater Rafting, Rock-River Tubing, Mountain Hiking, African Safari’s, Wildlife Touring, Polar Expeditions, Travel Accommodations.

City Guides and Information
Articles about/concerning City Guides and Information Centers, Online Guides, City Information, Travel Guides, Expert Recommendation.

If you know of any better article submission sites, feel free to share them via a comment on this blog (or via email) for us all to learn.

Best wishes, Andrea.

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