Friday, October 5, 2007

The Final Word on WIN 2007 in Norway

Hi Everyone,

I wrote a long post a few days ago about WIN and my trip home, but I must have walked under a ladder that day, as just as I was signing off, I got what those in the computer industry often refer to as the "blue-kiss-of-death-screen" that said that my computer was starting to purge all of its memory! Needless to say that the "off" button was pressed immediately and I've been half-scared to log-in ever since. (True story.)

Anyway, if you're looking for more news from WIN, please just visit our website. The Part-One report is up now. Part-Two will be there when we re-do our homepage for November. If you were at WIN and happily smiled when I took your photo there last week but you cannot find your photo in Part-One, it will be in Part-Two in November, so please check our site again then.

And to all of the fabulous women that I met at WIN - thanks for your kindness and great energy last week. I wish you all amazing success - both your work lives and in your personal lives. x

In terms of the trip home, thankfully it was relatively uneventful, if you don't count the dash for the gate for the first flight, due to the airline keeping us standing in the Oslo check-in queue for 2 hours and issuing us boarding passes that said the gate had closed prior to the ticket being issued. (No joke)

The trip was just very, very, very long. Anyone who has travelled that far (Norway to Australia, with 4 flights plus buses at either end) will know that whilst you certainly feel like back-replacement surgery at the end... a few days later all is semi-forgotten and you start thinking about where you'd like to travel next. True? ;-)

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


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