Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Expat Women November Newsletter

A very warm hello to everyone. We're just putting the finishing touches on our Member newsletter for November (which we'll send out on 1 or 2 November). If you haven't signed up to be an Member, there's still time to sign up so you can receive it!

Highlights for November's issue include:

Jill's interview with Jo Parfitt - one of our heroes. Jo has lived as an expat in several countries and always manages to carve a portable career for herself, wherever she goes as a trailing spouse. Jo has written more than 20 books on subjects ranging from careers, through computers to cookery. She helps others to achieve their publishing dreams, is founder of The Book Cooks, speaks at conferences about life on the Expat Rollercoaster, owns her own publishing company (Summertime Publishing) and is in charge of publishing for the Outpost Archive in The Hague in The Netherlands.

My interview with Leslie G - our Mentor of the Month for November, who packed up her husband and headed to Asia for her dream job!

Jill's interview with Sarah Takesh - an Iranian-born American, who is passionately helping Afghan women improve their livelihoods. From her office in Kabul, she hires hundreds of Afghan women to make the beautiful clothing that she distributes in Europe, North America, and the Pacific rim. Thus helping the Afghan economy and improving the lives of Afghan people. What an amazing woman!

The second and final instalment of my WIN Forum Norway 2007 Report... and much, much more!

Wishing you a fabulous ending to your week,


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