Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So What Is The Exciting New Venture...?

Hi Everyone! I hope you're enjoying a wonderful day/evening.

Remember last week when I mentioned that I had a new venture to tell you about? Well, I'm so excited to finally share it with you today.

Not interested in the new venture? That's okay. But please don't unsubscribe just yet because I have a feeling there might be some exciting 2014 Expat Women news to share with you in the coming months and I'd love you to be the first to know.

In the meantime, my really big personal news is that on October 30, 2013, I launched something very dear to my heart... a way to help frustrated job seekers get noticed (especially those of us who have gaps in our resumes from expat postings, parenting breaks, sabbaticals, volunteer stints and more).

The background...

It all started two years ago when I repatriated. Eager to get back into the traditional workforce, I struggled to get noticed for jobs. A recruiter friend told me that I had "too many gaps in my resume" and "was not stable" (because we had lived 3 years in Indonesia, 4 years in Mexico and 2 years in Malaysia).

Do you know how frustrating this feels? 

If yes, then great! Then you'll understand exactly why I decided to do something about it. But rather than bore you with text, here is a cartoon version of Our Story...

If you like what I'm trying to do, can you please spare a few minutes to help? This is the first venture I've started since putting Expat Women 'on a break' in March 2012. I'm starting from scratch again and would be so grateful if you could help spread the word?

Here are some quick and easy ways to do so..

1. Click 'like' on the Facebook button at the bottom of our home page

2. Post a shout-out online and/or email anyone you think might be interested

3. Watch our 'How Harry Met Sally' video [only 49 seconds] on YouTube, so we can start to climb the YouTube rankings

4. Paste on your site one of the gorgeous images from our Press page and let people know where to find us

5. Join our generous affiliate program here (and yes, expat bloggers especially welcome!)

Thank you in advance for anything you can do.

Andrea Martins x

Ps.1. Want to be able to quickly copy and paste some text? 

Love this new idea to help frustrated job seekers get noticed! (Started by #Expat Women co-founder @andreaexpat) http://www.storyresumes.com #resume

You know 'when' Harry met Sally, but do you know 'how' Harry met Sally? [Video] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04k_wdZTJaA #resume #expat

Ps.2. All feedback is of course very welcome in the comments.

We're learning as we go with this new venture and all ideas are appreciated. Thanks so much again!

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Gosia said...

I've check some examples on story resumes page, and I found it absolutely amazing!
It's so interesting that I'm sure employee will stop to check this one.
Good job and good luck!! :)

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