Sunday, November 3, 2013

Excellent Expat Books Worth A Shout Out

Hi Everyone! I can't believe it's been six months since my last update. Whilst Expat Women is still 'on a break' (I'll tell you about my new venture very soon), there are a few fantastic books that have crossed my desk in that time that really deserve a shout out.

Small Biz Abroad: 
Finding a Small Business That Fits You and Works Well Overseas
by William Beaver

William Beaver is the epitome of a lifelong expat entrepreneur. He has had the openness and courage to pursue lots of business ideas, he has willingly mentored others, he has never given up, and he constantly sees opportunities instead of obstacles

The great news is that rather than keep all of his learnings to himself, William has put together the most impressive free expat e-book I have ever read. He shares links to 385 expat businesses, he reveals his Top 20 Mistakes with this overseas small businesses, and much, much more. 

If you're an expat (or soon-to-be expat) contemplating starting a business abroad, William's free e-book (available for download from his home page) is an excellent read and I highly recommend it. 

The Suitcase Entrepreneur:
Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life
by Natalie Sisson

If you remember our Expat Women interview with Natalie last year, you'll recall that this former body sculpting champion is an absolute dynamo. Originally from New Zealand, Natalie has citizenship in the United Kingdom, permanent residence in Canada, has travelled to 63 countries, lived on 5 continents, broken a world record, won a gold medal in Ultimate Frisbee and has now grown her laptop business to six figures annually. Amazing.

Having written multiple e-books for her website, Natalie has now stepped it up a level and released her very first book on Amazon. And it's brilliant. Why? Because not only does it share motivational messages, anecdotes, lessons and stories, but it gives the best list I've ever seen of products and resources that you can use to build your business, each with Natalie's explanation of what the product does and how it worked for her. 

In my humble opinion, that list alone is worth the price of her book. I wish I'd had this list when we set up Expat Women. I'm so glad I had this list when I just set up my new venture (details soon). 

Harvesting Stones:
An American Woman's International Journey of Survival
by Paula Lucas

This book I have not read yet, but we interviewed Paula Lucas on Expat Women some years ago, I've met Paula in person a few times, and I'm totally in awe of everything she does, so I have a feeling her book will impress also. 

In short, this book shares the story of how for 14 years, Paula lived what looked like an ideal life overseas in the UAE: A Newsweek photojournalist husband, worldwide travel, a successful advertising, marketing and PR business, and three beautiful sons.

But she also hid a terrible secret: the children suffered severe child abuse and Paula, horrific domestic violence, at the hands of her husband. Her husband threatened to kill her and the children during increasingly violent rages. Her pleas to the American Embassy and the State Department were futile. Finally her chance to escape materialized, thanks to a thief. 

Paula went on to set up the American Domestic Violence Crisis Line in 1999 and has been proactively helping American expats suffering domestic violence ever since. Paula's dedication is phenomenal.

Want More?

Unfortunately I don't have the capacity to let you know about every great new expat book released anymore. (Huge apologies to everyone who's emailed me information about their new book this year).

But if you do want more, I invite you to head over to my friend Jo Parfitt's Expat Bookshop. Lots of great resources there (including Expat Women: Confessions).

Thanks Everyone and I wish you a sensational week!


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