Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Expat Women!

Hi Everyone, Just a quick but sincere post to thank you for your support, feedback and testimonials over the past five years that has been online.

I was just about to log out for the night (it's nearly midnight here) when I realized that today is the birthday of our site's launch five years ago, on 16 January 2007!

Thank you for 'being there' and for 'spreading the word' for us. Incredible to think that we now have more than 2,000 self-submitted Expat Women blogs on our directory, more than 1,000 quality content pages (country and expat club information, motivational articles and more), 300+ readers' stories, 5 years' worth of high quality newsletters, and much more.

I hope has helped you and I appreciate in advance that you please keep spreading news of it to your friends and networks. Thanks so much, and enjoy January 16! Andrea x


Stephanie Ward said...

Congratulations Andrea! You've done an amazing job of building Expat Women over the last five years.

Stephanie Ward said...

Congratulations Andrea! It's amazing how much you've done in five years.

Karen McCann said...

Well done. To keep any site going for five years is quite an achievement, and this one is big, complex and provides something for everyone. Congrats! And here's looking forward to the next five years.

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