Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Expat Women February 2012 Features

Hi Everyone, I hope you are enjoying a lovely week! Please take a few minutes to read, enjoy, share and tweet about our new February home page features below. Thanks so much and I wish you a wonderful week! Andrea

Success Story
Irmgard Lafrentz
President, Globalpress Connection
Germany's Irmgard Lafrentz moved to Silicon Valley with stars in her eyes, hoping for a job with Cisco, Sun or Intel. With no job offer forthcoming, Irmgard started her own business as a global matchmaker between U.S. high technology companies and the international trade and business media. Now, her business turns over six (and sometimes seven) figures...
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Business Idea
Beaded Lily
Lily Mordà
In 2001, Americans Lily Mordà and her husband Timothy James took a two-month trip to Italy, and never left. Since then, Lily and Tim have built a thriving bead business in the Oltrarno – Italy's artisan area in Florence. Students travel from all over the world to learn in their studio, and their beads are bought by the likes of Chanel, Ferragamo and Escada...
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Moving Your Children Overseas After A Divorce
Ewan Cambell MacDougall
If you have started a family (or moved your family) overseas but your marriage did not turn out to be the happily ever after you hoped for, you might be feeling like it is time to go back home, or maybe start afresh in a new country. But beware: taking children overseas without the consent of their other parent can be considered child abduction...
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Money Matters
U.S. Expat Taxes in 2012 – What's New?
IJ Zemelman, EA, Taxes for Expats LLP
If you are an American who needs to pay U.S. taxes, this article lets you know about about recent requirements for Foreign Investment Account Reporting (FATCA), gives information for securities and business owners, touches on gift tax dodging and IRS investigations, and highlights increases to IRS auditing measures...
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Expat Confession
Intercultural Couple
Extract from Expat Women: Confessions
Recently I moved to my partner's home country, Japan. I myself am from Denmark, which is where we met. However, ever since we moved to Japan four and half months ago, our relationship has been having problems. It seems that the man I fell in love with has transformed into a different person...
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Meet the Author
No Chopsticks Required: My Family's Unexpected Year In Shanghai
Katrina Beikoff
In 2008, Katrina Beikoff and her partner Gary Smart accepted one-year expat assignments with the Shanghai Daily. What followed was a very busy year involving major events such as China's massive snow storm, the devastating Sichuan earthquake, the Tibetan uprising, the Beijing Olympics, and the melamine-tainted milk scandal...
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