Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Worldwide ERC's October 2011 Mobility Magazine

Hi Everyone, If you are in the expat, global mobility and/or relocation industries, you may be interested in the October edition of Worldwide ERC®'s Mobility Magazine, which features the following:

The Road Less Traveled: Employee Assignments in Emerging Economies
By Ali Kursun and Steven P. Nurney

International Assignments: Leader-Led Action Learning
By Ernest Gundling, Ph.D., and Terry Hogan

The Challenge of International Pensions
By Nino Nelissen, SGMS

Destination Profile: Denver, Colorado
By Jessica Petzel, GMS

Stress and Mental Health: Expatriates at Risk
By Sean D. Truman, Ph.D., LP, David A. Sharar, Ph.D., and John C. Pompe, Psy.D., LP, SPHR

Putting Down Roots: How Localization Can Help Reduce Expatriate Program Costs
By Julian Yates

Blue Cards and the Employer Sanctions Directive: ‘Desirable’ and ‘Undesirable’ Migrants to the EU
By Sophy King

In the Spotlight: Managing Foreign Employees at U.S. Client Sites
By Diana Bauerle and Lynden Melmed

Emerging Trends: ‘Best and Brightest’ Schemes Impact Recruitment and Immigration Compliance
By Glenn Faulk and Katherine Salem, GMS

Cultural Challenges of Working in Africa
By Geremie Sawadogo, Ph.D., GMS

Human Capital Development: Best Practices for a Winning Team
By Robert F. Burch, SCRP

Expatriate Parents: Localization With Children?
By Elizabeth Perelstein

The Realities of Global Relocation: The Business Value of Transition Assistance
By Lauren Herring, CRP, SGMS

L-1s: Destination Services Support Assignment Success
By Phillip A. Kosanovich, SCRP

A Day in the Life of a Household Goods Driver
By Eric Reed, CRP, GMS

Happy reading! Andrea

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