Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 11ElevenProject - Creating a Snapshot of Life Around the World on 11/11/11

Hi Everyone, I heard today about a very interesting project planned for 11 November 2011. It is called the 11 Eleven Project and it is an international not-for-profit film project that aims to use the arts to create global good. The email came from the Women's Partnership Diversity Coordinator for the project, because she wants to ensure that the story of womanhood, motherhood and sisterhood is captured in the global narrative. To find out more, and to leave a snapshot of your life on 11/11/11, please visit the official website here. If you like, you can follow them on Twitter at @11elevenproject.

All proceeds from the 2 hour documentary feature film, photographic book and world music album produced by Grammy Award Winner Imogen Heap will be donated to charities supporting the 8 UN developmental Goals including WWF, The Hunger Project, Save The Children and Hamlin Fistula.

Many thanks for your support, and good luck to the 11ElevenProject team! Andrea

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smith said...

I never knew I could search like that it’s interesting and something might look into it.

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