Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Expat Women May 2011 Home Page & Newsletter

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Success Story
Shabnam Rezaei
Big Bad Boo Studios, Oznoz Entertainment, and Persian Mirror

Shabnam speaks five languages, is the recipient of Canada's Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, is the co-founder of both Big Bad Boo Studios (which produces multicultural content for kids) and Oznoz Entertainment (which distributes the content), as well as the creator of PersianMirror.com (an incredibly successful online magazine about Iranian culture)...
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Business Idea
Elana Jade Salon
Elana Schmid
Aspiring to see more of the world, aesthetician and personal trainer Elana Schmid sold her well-established Australia-based beauty business, Elana Jade Essential Beauty, in 2008 and moved to Japan. Two years later, Elana's passion for personal health and wellness led her to re-create Elana Jade, this time as an organic beauty salon in Tokyo...
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Money Matters
7 Financial Tips to Help Expatriates Prepare for When Danger and Disaster Strike Abroad
Lisa R. Mitchell
In Egypt during the civil unrest, the government shut down the Internet. Try conducting banking activities without phone or Internet service. How would you move money, pay bills and conduct other necessary banking transactions if you were stuck in the middle of political unrest or living in a country that experienced a natural disaster....
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Expat Confession
A Lonely Affair
Extract from Expat Women: Confessions

My husband's new regional role is very demanding and he travels a lot. Sadly, my loneliness has led to an affair with my neighbor. I feel guilty about what I am doing because I really do love my husband and want our relationship to get back on track. Ironically, I started the affair to ease my loneliness, but now I feel lonelier than ever...
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Moving Abroad
The Science of Anxiety in New Places
Catherine Transler

Coming to a new place generates mild feelings of oddity in the best case, anxiety for many of us, and for some people, it can induce a panic attack. When I arrived in the Netherlands after one year of living in a hilly and very crowded part of Paris, I was surprised by the immensity of the sky. It felt as if I had never noticed the sky before...
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