Friday, May 20, 2011

Are You Interested in the W.I.N. Conference in Rome this October?

Hi Everyone, If you are interested in attending this year's Women's International Networking (W.I.N.) conference, then good news... registrations are now open and, on top of the early bird pricing (which runs until 22 June), if you mention "" you are eligible to receive another 100 Euros off.

When? 5 - 7 (8) October 2011
Where? Rome, Italy
More details?

"Every year, the W.I.N. global leadership conference, a three-day global learning program, brings together over 1000 people from more than 70 countries including: company executives, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, consultants, academics, artists, thought leaders, government and NGO representatives, international business school faculty and students.

The W.I.N. approach to the three-day learning event is based on “world”- a global overview; “work”- professional and career issues; and “you” - leadership and personal growth. They are distinctly feminine and focus on learning, creativity, exploring and applying feminine power, and accelerating innovation and change. The program is carefully designed based on a systems approach and a vision for the future based on sensitivity and increased global and feminine consciousness."

It has been a while since I attended a W.I.N. conference (2007, Oslo), and I cannot go this year, but I have only got good memories of the conference and I have only ever heard positive comments from more recent participants. In comparison to some other conferences I have attended, Kristin Engvig's humility and passion is to be applauded and I highly recommend the conference to any forward-thinking woman interested in being inspired by, and networking with, a large group of wonderful women. So think about going, and if you go, enjoy the experience! Andrea

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