Thursday, March 3, 2011

Expat Women Site Relaunches!

Hi Everyone, We are excited today to finally unveil our new-look Expat Women website.  Please come and visit it, share it, tweet it and 'like it' on Facebook. Your support helps a lot. Thank you!

New-Look Expat Women Site
Here are a few images to give you a quick guided tour...
PS. If you are reading this by blog feed and cannot see the images, please click here to read this post on our blog instead. Thanks.

Image 1: Top of our new Expat Women home page
* Search button
* Main menu bar (with sub-menu options appearing when you scroll over with your mouse)
* Introductory text for new users, but with handy text links for everyone to use!
* Sign-up box
* Sponsor logos

Image 2: Twitter Update
Now, it will be much easier to see the latest news and links :-)

Image 3: Monthly Features
* Success Story
* Business Idea
* Expat Confession
* Plus other great feature articles and interviews for that month :-)

Image 4: Expat Women Blog Update
* A quick way to see our latest blog postings updates :-)

Thanks in advance for your support of our new website, and for your sharing of our new-look Expat Women site with women all over the world. We appreciate it sincerely. Warmest wishes, Andrea x


Stephanie said...

Congratulations Andrea! The new website looks fantastic. You have created an amazing community.

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

I love this new look--it reflects both the professional and friendly nature of the site!

Expat Women said...

Thanks Stephanie! Thanks Michelle!

Andrea :-)

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Louise Wiles said...

What a great site - It is clean and crisp and packed full of so much valuable content and information. You really give great value to your readership!

I wish I had more time to browse and read all the articles, posts and blogs!

A real treasure trove of expat experiences and news - congratulations!

Tatiana said...

I absolutely LOVE the new look for your newsletters. It's so much more inviting to read and be a part of. Great job!

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