Thursday, March 3, 2011

Expat Women March Home Page

Hi again Everyone, Following on from our big announcement below of our new site, here the details of our March home page features. Please take a few minutes to read, enjoy, share and tweet about them for us. Thank you very much and we wish you a fantastic day/evening! Andrea

Success Story
CEO, International Coach Academy
Making a bold move from Australia to China paid off for Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland, who was able to expand her modest coaching business into a million-dollar company: the International Coach Academy. Bronwyn leads this successful Shanghai-based organization which certifies and trains people all over the world to be professional coaches...

Business Idea
Frasia Golf Training Center
Pascale Bon Yin
Pascale Bon Yin's expat journey began almost twenty years ago, when she relocated first from France to Taiwan, then to mainland China. After a few moves within China, she now finds herself in Shanghai juggling her role as wife to Chinese filmmaker Yin DaWei, mother to adopted daughter Jiajia, and busy entrepreneur running the Frasia Golf Training Center...
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Sudden Departures: How They Impact Expat Families
Rebecca Grappo
As I watched the events in Egypt unfold, my thoughts were with the thousands of expat children and families who are/were living in Egypt as well as their Egyptian friends and playmates. Maybe others are thinking about the political implications of this open rebellion, but I am thinking about the many families who may be ordered to leave quickly to other safe havens...
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Living in a Global Village
How Do Expat Women Cope with Life Abroad?
Riana Schreuders-van den Bergh
When I first arrived in the Netherlands, I felt as if my life had come to an end. I had no job, no friends and no social support system. I missed my family back home terribly and had no idea who I was anymore. Joining up with other expat women did not seem to help me either - they all seemed so happy and in control of their lives, whereas I felt like...
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Expat Careers
How Breaking The Rules Can Help You In Your Job Search Abroad
Megan Fitzgerald
Breaking the rules in a job search is an interesting topic, particularly in today's ever-changing global marketplace... Often the rules that create frustration and stress us out the most are the ones that are either not based on fact, or there is at least significant evidence to indicate that the opposite of that belief could also be true...
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Expat Confession
Keeping My Relationship Alive
Expat Women Girlfriend
Recently, my girlfriends were talking about the decline in intimacy in their relationships with their husbands since both the arrival of their children and their transfer to Singapore. I feel the same. With my husband working long hours and traveling a lot, then coming home to three children who all want his attention...
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Thank you for the beautiful site! It is very comforting to find similar experiences, having a place to share the same questions! and it's good to see that, everywhere, there are women and moms struggling overseas, just like any of us!
Will subscribe to the blog!


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