Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Researcher Looking For Long-Term Employed Expatriates And/Or Repatriates

Hi Everyone, Tom Binetter at the University of Sydney, Australia, is looking for repatriates and/or current expatriates, with substantial international/expatriate experience, for the following study.  If you can help (or you know someone who can) please do.  Many thanks!

Tom: "My dissertation examines the relationship between acquired knowledge and its transfer between returning cross-border assignees and their organisations, a theme which I believe is under-explored in current IHRM literature.

I intend to examine this through what is known as 'reverse expatriation' in the hopes of stimulating new considerations connecting knowledge integration/transfer with repatriate retention, assignment effectiveness and expatriate success/failure.

As part of my methodology I am conducting a series of semi-structured interviews with individuals with substantial international/expatriate experience. This can be with individuals who are currently on assignment or with those who have completed them at any stage during their career.

Normally these interviews would consist of one to two 45 minute telephone interviews taken at your convenience, however I am happy to receive your correspondence via email if this is what candidates prefer.

Please also note that full anonymity will be provided in the final dissertation with a series of pseudonyms used for both individual and organisation.

Please email me directly if you can help.  Thank you!  Tom Binetter."

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