Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missed Some Great Expat Links On Twitter?

Hi Everyone, Here are some expat-related articles/links that I have tweeted about recently, that might interest you:

Love & Expat Marriage: Finding Identity As A Trailing Spouse

Updated video link for Robin Pascoe's upcoming online lecture series "Successful Living Abroad"

"I sucked as an expat" Honest, lovely essay about loneliness of expat life

Expat? Immigrant? Assimilant? This American-born Turkish citizen misses a way to describe herself

How the US State Department helps their expatriate families manage the stress of international relocation

Under 32, Clever & Love To Work Abroad? Apply for careers by Sept 19, 2010

Remember expat entrepreneur Anupa Horvil? Here's her new UK Telegraph i/v

Relocation Industry: Worldwide ERC® Introduces First Senior Global Mobility Specialist Designation

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