Thursday, February 4, 2010

Global Summit Of Women, May 20-22: Beijing, China

Hi Everyone, It's only three months now until the annual Global Summit of Women (conference): May 20-22. Each year they hold the Summit in a different part of the world, with a different theme:

2010: Beijing, China: Women at the Forefront of Change
2009: Santiago, Chile: Setting New Paradigms for Business and Political Leadership
2008: Hanoi, Vietnam: Women and Asia: Driving the Global Economy
2007: Berlin, Germany: The Global Marketplace: Opportunities and Challenges
2006: Cairo, Egypt: Redefining Global Leadership
2005: Mexico City, Mexico: Leading the 21st Century Economy
2004: Seoul, South Korea: Leadership, Technology, Growth
2003: Marrakech, Morocco: Preventing Conflict Through Women's Economic Development
...and the list goes on.

It's a great gathering of women and if you would like to join their 20th anniversary celebration Summit this year, click here for details.

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