Sunday, February 21, 2010

Expat Infidelity Abroad: The Story of Alexandra Shakespeare

Hi Everyone, I read today Alexandra Shakespeare's story From Excess to Exes - How My Dubai Dream Turned into a Nightmare.

With a name like Shakespeare, I am sure Alexandra would have been preferred to have become famous for her works of literary art (yes, she is actually a professional writer and was once the editor of the glossy Harper's Bazaar in Dubai). So it's sad that her marriage confession might actually catapult her into more fame than her high-flying job did before.

Doubly sad is it that Alexandra's story of her ex-husband's infidelity abroad is not unique: unfortunately stories like Alexandra's are common... albeit granted, not everyone was an editor of Harper's Bazaar.

Full marks to Alexandra for sharing her story once she found happiness with her new partner in the UK and sending my best wishes out there to every woman going through right now what Alexandra went through in Dubai.


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