Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Globetrotting Our Children Abroad

Hi Everyone, I keep meaning to share with you this well-written article of Catriona Ling's that was published in The Telegraph UK last month: Our Ceaseless Globetrotting Is Hard For The Children.

Catriona, a veteran of six international moves abroad over 18 years, shares her own family's experiences, her sense of guilt for moving her children several times, but also her positivity:

"If I had known, standing at the altar in Edinburgh, that we were destined to become the family with six crossed out entries in friends' address books, I might have quailed, but in fact it has been the most wonderful experience. I hope that my children will see these years of global wandering as I do, as a gift that that we've been so lucky and privileged to have been given."

If you have children, have a read of the article. Good job, Catriona.

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