Friday, June 5, 2009

Global Relocation Trends Survey Released

Hi Everyone, The annual Global Relocation Trends Survey Report, published by Brookfield Global Relocation Services, has just been released. Here are some key headlines from their official press release:

"Severity of Global Recession and Shrinking Corporate Earnings Cause Sharp Cutbacks in Overseas Assignments...

Annual Global Relocation Trends Survey Uncovers Pessimism Not Seen Since 2001 as 67 Percent of Companies Expect to Either Decrease or Maintain Number of Employees They Relocate...

...What's more, when companies do relocate employees for both short and long-term overseas assignments these days, they are opting to dispatch older and more experienced employees because they present the least risk of assignment failure. In fact, just 9 percent of expatriates were 20 to 29 years old - the lowest in the survey's 14 year history. It appears that developmental assignments are declining in the current economic climate as companies opt to send more experienced employees."

For information on how to receive the full GRTS report, click here.

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