Monday, April 6, 2009

WebAwards Now Open

Hi Everyone, Loyal Expat Women followers might recall that we received a WebAward from the Web Marketing Association (US) in our first year (2007), in the Online Community category.

Well, those same awards are now open for 2009 and whilst they do not seem to have the Online Community category any more, they do have a "Blog" category (which might appeal to some of you, whose fabulous blogs appear in our Expat Women Blog Directory) and 96 other industry categories for you to consider entering... plus, the good news is that they give out multiple awards for each category (meaning that depending on your industry and web site quality, you might have a very good chance of winning something)!

Entry costs US$195 (or US$99 for non-profits). If you manage to score an award, the feedback they give can be highly-detailed and valuable. To learn more, just click here.

Entries close May 29, 2009. Good luck. :-)

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