Monday, April 27, 2009

Living in Dubai? Can You Sing?

Hi Everyone, Forget American Idol... start your singing career in Dubai. :-)

This (European) Summer, Mindset-Impresario are producing a show that would require 14 singers who would be performing various musical and pop songs at key locations in Dubai. If you would like to get involved, read on...

"Inviting both professional and amateur singers of all nationalities for a chance to be a part of an extravagant summer production held in Dubai. Performances will be held between 14th of June and 14th of August, only on weekends. Auditions are currently on. To be a part of this production kindly call Bryan Furtado on 04-294-5988 (+9714-294-5988) or send him an email with your details today. Thanks!"

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't help seeing "key locations" and wondering if that was the key of C? :)

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