Thursday, November 6, 2008

Worldwide ERC News

Hi Everyone, If you work in the global mobility industry and have not already heard, Lynn M. Bragg has been named the new chief executive officer of Worldwide ERC®, the workforce mobility association, effective November 21, 2008. Bragg will succeed H. Cris Collie, CAE, who will retire in December 2008 after a distinguished 36-year career. Click Here to read Lynn M. Bragg's full bio and credentials - which include everything from a presidential appointment to being the head of a chocolate manufacturer's association - yum.

Have you seen the Worldwide ERC's latest Mobility Magazine? If not, it's a great magazine for this industry. Below are the topics in their November issue. Enjoy.

Treasury to the Rescue! What the Fannie-Freddie Action Means to Relocation
Patrick Moore

A Changing Climate: the U.S. Economy and the Expatriate
Molly Feldman, CRP, GMS; Eve Avadenka, GMS; Kelli Laffe, GMS; and Katie Auffenorde

Navigating the Zero Fee Environment
Joan Harpootlian Thomas, SCRP, and Elizabeth Nunan, CRP, GMS

Successful Synergy: What HR and Procurement Have Learned from Each Other and How It’s Making Relocation Better
Jack Craven, SCRP, GMS

‘But Wait, If You Buy Right Now...’—Tips for a Creative Closing
Joan M. Brady, Esq., CRP, GMS, and Laura J. Henneberry, CRP, GMS

Searching for Value Through Cash: a Primer on Worldwide ERC® Appraisal Guideline #3
Thomas G. Fryer, SCRP, SRA

Remediating Environmental Hazards: a Focus on Mold
Stefanie Schreck, CRP, GMS

Raising the Bar: Leading Global, Virtual Teams
Karen Cvitkovich

Relocating Minorities: Unspoken Realities
Douglas Stuart, Ph.D.

Globalization of a Corporate Culture: New Perspectives on Successful Repatriation
Kathi Fredendall, CRP, GMS, and Karen Kason, CRP, GMS

Enter at Your Own Risk—the Ramifications of not Having a Comprehensive Expatriate Security Support Program
Edward L. Lee, II

Custom Regulations—a Guide to International Relocation in a Post-9/11 World
Jack Griffin

Heading North: Canada’s Drive to Attract Foreign Talent
Marti Briney, CRP, GMS, and Stephen Cryne

The Odyssey of the Worldwide ERC® Mentor Program
Frank Mauck

The Greening of Worldwide ERC®—“LEED”ing by Example
Doug Weed, SCRP, GMS

Work the Room—Supercharging Your Networking Skills
Denise Starrett

A Wise Investment: Supporting the Expatriate Spouse/Partner on Assignment in Asia
Edmund Seng

Protecting Employees in the United Kingdom—An Overview of TUPE
Bruce Perlman, CRP, and Helena Derbyshire

Pajamas, Foot Massages, and Dogs in Handbags: the Lighter Side of Shanghai
Nigel Crockett, GMS

Immigration in Brazil: Current Scenarios and Legal Aspects
Samantha Machado

Handle with Care—the Experiences of Children Living Abroad
Leah Johnson

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