Friday, September 26, 2008

Kid-Friendly Travel Destinations

Hi Everyone, We received an email this week from a nice guy named Edward Serrano, the founder of, introducing us to his business of e-travel-guides for families looking for kid-friendly destinations. They cover 120+ destinations worldwide, plus I see that they are looking for writers for new destinations. :-)

About NineBlue:

"Our mission is to assist parents in planning family travel by providing frank, relevant, and current content designed to help save time and create great experiences."

About Edward Serrano:

"A life long nomad, Edward spent most of his childhood moving from country to country due to his father's hotel business career..."I got the idea for NineBlue when traveling abroad with my daughter. As a single father I cherish summers with her and each year we vacation to a couple of countries. I had difficulty finding destination-specific information for traveling kids, especially reliable information so I decided to begin compiling my own travel guides.... Even when my daughter's back at school I stay on the road. How else can I discover cool things to do? For example: the amazing and unique firefly canoe tour in outside of Kuala Lumpur is an example of what makes travel priceless. Or even knowing not to travel to England during Guy Fawkes, night if you cherish your sleep that is. It's a holiday that's officially celebrated on the 5th of November but people light fireworks on the street for two weeks straight!" Edward is a former board member for Big Brother Big Sisters of America and former president of Entrepreneurs' Organization."

Have a wonderful weekend! Andrea

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