Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Is A SWAT Mum?

Hi Everyone, We read a term in today's Aurora (UK) newsletter that we wanted to share...

Aurora: "Companies are reaching out to an impressive group of top talent newly known as the SWAT Mums (Smart Women with Available Time). Many women at home with kids have extra time to undertake professional opportunities. Often these women have incredible skills and experience, they just don't want to work full-time."

ExpatWomen: Sounds like the age-old dilemma of many an expat trailing spouse (accompanying partner), yes? (...with or without children in tow)

Aurora: "The new challenge is for companies to match opportunities to this rapidly emerging group."

ExpatWomen: ...and for expats to try to tap into companies (at home and/or abroad) who are interested in SWAT talent.

Good luck today to anyone on the job hunt. May you find a company that appreciates you and your values. Or alternatively, may today be the day you come up with your 'great idea' for your portable 'career in a suitcase'. :-)


Successful Web Women said...

It is great to know that corporates have discovered the SWATS! There is a huge sleeping potential!

It is very important for us expatriates women to keep our career going! In my opinion a portable online-business is one of the best to do so,… especially if we are relocated frequently!

You never know if you can keep your job after relocation into another country! Whereas with a portable business, you just plug into the internet wherever you live!

Have fun and success


Anonymous said...

How do I find the corporates that have discovered the SWATS? I agree that it is important to keep the career going, but difficult if one is in a country where one's native tongue is not in demand (English). I think the possibility of finding employment is greater for someone in IT, finance, business etc. As a trailing spouse, I am still on the lookout for opportunities but am slowly accepting the fact that there are not many out there. It really depends on your field and the country in which you find yourself, IMHO. I at least am able to stay a bit "connected" online, and do continuing education that way. Seems like most of the women that I have met are the "coffee ladies" who have given up careers or don't seem to care if they work or not. To each her own, one just has to try to "enjoy the ride" and realize that living overseas is a wonderful opportunity.

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