Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank You Expat Women Mentors

Those of you who have a keen eye may have noticed that our new-look web site does not include the "Forums" or "Mentors" sections that we had in the past. Well, your eyes are not mistaken, those sections are not hidden anywhere on the new site... sadly, those two sections have both been taken off the site, due to spam and maintenance issues. (We announced the withdrawal of the Forums in our February newsletter and we are going to announce the withdrawal of the Mentors section in our upcoming March newsletter.)

The good news is that we have started looking for more creative, user-generated ways to stimulate online expat women networking. We hope to have an alternative networking format to replace the Forums and Mentors sections later in the year.

A H-U-G-E thank you to every single one of our 150 or so Expat Women Mentors, who volunteered their time and wisdom on our site. You are all wonderfully generous women and you really did make a difference!

Thanks for your support everyone, Andrea.

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