Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Family Matters Survey - Please Help Robin Pascoe

Hello Everyone. I would love you to help Robin Pascoe with her new "Family Matters!" survey.

This survey is different from other expat surveys in that it focuses more on the family and the impact of relocation on all of the family members. It was released today by my good friend, Robin Pascoe, aka the Expat Expert, in collaboration with one of her sponsors, AMJ Campbell International.

Robin has been running her Expat Expert website for 10 years now (congratulations on your anniversary, Robin!), devoting countless hours to helping expat women all around the globe. I encourage you to help Robin if you can, as a small way to contribute back to someone who has been helping expat women for many, many years.

The survey took me 30 minutes. You might be quicker. Thanks in advance, your willingness to help is genuinely appreciated.


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