Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Expat In India?

Hi there, Julia is looking for expats in India, to survey for her Masters thesis on cross-cultural adaptation in India. Please help Julia if you can, thanks.

"I would like ask for your help to contact non-Indian expatriates or family of expatriates living in India regarding their success while working and living abroad. This research is issued by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

It has been found that expatriates do not always perform as successful in the foreign country as they did in their home country. Some causes for these personal differences have been found in personality characteristics. Through this new research we would like obtain more certainty about the determinants of cultural effectiveness; in this case, job success. A lot of money could be saved when one could predict which employee is going to be cultural effective and thus successful in an international assignment.

To help me with my research, please click on this link (the survey should take you about 10 minutes). Hopefully you are able to help me and in this way help me graduate. Thank you very much!"

Yours sincerely,
Julia Wijnmaalen
Turfsingel 41
9712 KJ Groningen
The Netherlands

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