Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stories of Your Expat Experiences Overseas

We love to read about what is happening in the lifes of expat women worldwide. Sharing your experiences is one way of helping women about to debark overseas understand what life is really like. These stories also help women already abroad know that feeling they way they do (good or bad) is completely normal!

Submitting your story is very easy. But you maybe hesitating because you think, who is interested in my life!? Thousands of people are! This is evidenced by the 300 expat women blogs listed in our directory - and the fact that these womens' blogs are viewed by many people around the world (not just from our site) daily. These women are chronicling their lives everyday on their own blogs about their lives overseas.

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So, what are we looking for in a story? An Expat Women Story is about a real-life experience that you have had as an expatriate woman. We are looking for people-oriented stories that make the reader say things like:
“I’m so glad that terrible experience did not happen to me”; “I cannot believe they do that in that country”;
“They were so lucky to survive that”;
“I wish I could do that”; and
“She has inspired me!”

Some topic ideas to get you started: Culture shock; Funny incidents; Scary situations; Scandals; Communication issues; Relationship struggles; Adjustment issues; Children and family; Misunderstandings; Hospital and Health incidents; Food; Work; Travel; and Any other topic!

We welcome stories of both positive and negative experiences, because we believe that this is a more accurate reflection of life’s ups and downs. Try not to leave out any of the details – our readers want to re-live the experience exactly how you felt it. Remember to give your story a beginning, a middle and a great ending.

Thanks and good luck!

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