Thursday, September 27, 2007

Made it to Norway!

Finally, after a 40-hour transit from Australia, a race through Heathrow, lost luggage, lost plane meal, a fall over someone's legs in the plane aisle and an agressive physical and verbal attack by a woman (to her husband!) in the row behind me on board.... I'm very happy that I made it to the WIN conference in Norway!

The official conference starts in about 30 minutes (cue that I better shower and get dressed quick smart!), but last night, I was fortunate to attend three pre-conference gatherings:

(1) Network President's Meeting.

This was a meeting of about 12 women from around the world, who led local and/or international women's organisations. The women in attendance included:

Stephanie MacKendrick (Canadian, based in Canada)
President of The International Alliance for Women (TIAW)
President of the Canadian Women in Communication (CWC) network

Diane Morris (British, based in Britain)
First VP and President Elect, The International Alliance for Women (TIAW)

Ania Jakubowski (Polish/Canadian, based in Switzerland)
President of the Geneva Women in International Trade (GWIT)

Patience Allen (American, based in Norway)
President of the Association of International Professional & Business Women (AIPBW)

Kristin Engvig (Norwegian, based in Switzerland)
Founder and CEO of Women's International Networking (WIN)

(2) VIP Cocktail Session

Not sure how I made the VIP list, but I must have smiled at the right person online at some point. ;-)

(3) Pre-Conference Networking Dinner
(open to all conference attendees)

For now, I better down tools and get ready to start the conference. So I'll jump online again later and fill you in more.

Warm wishes,


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Emily said...

Sounds like the conference is off to a great start! Please keep us informed about all you are learning.

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