Monday, July 18, 2011

Expat Women July 2011 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, I hope you are enjoying a fabulous July. If you missed our Expat Women newsletter last week, please take a few minutes to read, enjoy, share and tweet about it. Thanks so much and I wish you a wonderful day/evening! Andrea

Success Story
Hinda Gharbi
President - Asia Pacific, Schlumberger

Hinda Gharbi is President of Schlumberger's Asia Pacific operations. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Hinda directs the operations of Schlumberger's portfolio of service and product offerings in the Asia Pacific region. Hinda is originally from Tunisia. She joined Schlumberger in 1996 as a wireline field engineer in Nigeria after earning a Master's Degree in Signal Processing and an Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG) in France...
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Business Idea
Words That Sell
Mel Henson

Once upon a time, Mel Henson lived in the hectic advertising world, employed as a full-time executive with leading London advertising agencies. But that all changed when Mel become a stay-at-home mother, retrained as a reflexologist, and moved to Luxembourg with her family. Unexpectedly, Mel later found herself working as a feature writer for a magazine in Luxembourg. This experience led her to start her copywriting business back in the UK, and to now launch her first book…
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Tips and Lessons for Entrepreneurs
Craving Success: A Startup Junkie's Path from Passion to Profits
Melody Biringer

If you are an expat entrepreneur, or someone wishing they had a business idea good enough for them to be an expat entrepreneur, Melody Biringer's new book - chronicling her lessons learned from starting 20 companies - is exactly what the motivation doctor ordered...
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Expat Confession
My Job Was A Mistake
Extract from Expat Women: Confessions
I am a thirty something professional who came here to Switzerland as a trailing spouse. I took a job here but my job is not all that I dreamed it would be. It is quite junior compared to what I used to do, and the salary also reflects this. I have a difficult time with my manager, who is inconsistent and erratic with regards to her expectations of me. My colleagues see me as "the foreigner". I am bored and lonely at work and am thinking that taking my job was a mistake...
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Expat Mothers
Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child
Julia Simens

Never underestimate the power of a five-year-old. When it comes to brainpower, a five-year-old has you beat...This may just be one of the reasons that expat children have the ability to be so resilient in their ever-changing, globally nomadic lifestyle. But just how resilient are you raising your children to be?
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Winning Story
A Year of Magic, Mystery and Chaos
Gabrielle, a Brit in Cambodia

It's no longer stinky. It's aromatic. The broken up sidewalks and chaotic traffic are not an irritation. They're an amusement. Even the searing heat is no longer intolerable. It's a method of bonding with neighbours and friends as we sweat, mop our brows and laugh at one another. Things change. A year ago today, I didn't think they would. In fact, I wasn't anticipating anything – except, hopefully, an air-conditioned coffee shop around the next corner to temporarily remove me from my misery and an iced cappuccino to help drown my melancholy...
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