Monday, December 13, 2010

Expat Women December Newsletter Highlights

Hi Everyone, For those of you who missed our Expat Women December 2010 members' newsletter last week, or did not get time to read the new features, please find below the highlights and we encourage you to click on a few for a great read!

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Success Story: Karen van der Zee, Romance Novelist;

Business Idea: Janet Dorey, emBoxed;

Expat Needs: The Pyramid of Expat Needs, by Elizabeth Abbot;

Student Campus Visits: 10 Most Important Things to Look for in the Campus Visit, by Rebecca Grappo;

Expat Confession: Local Poverty, by our Expat Women Girlfriend;

BlogWorld2010: 12 Insights from the World's Largest Social Media Convention, by Andrea Martins;

Currency Exchange: 4 Key Ways to Protect Yourself When Using A Currency Exchange Service, by Deborah Benn;

Winning Story: Black and White for Thanksgiving - The Mourning After; and

Winning Member: The name of our Explorer Publishing mini-guide pack winner.

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Thanks Everyone!  And look out for our "Best of 2010" newsletter later this week...


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