Friday, January 15, 2010

10 Twitter Tips For Your Brand

Hi Everyone, Being newly-interested in Twitter, I found this Unstrapp'd article very worthwhile: 10 Overlooked Twitter Tweaks That Can Mean Big Things For Your Brand. Maybe you might too.

Here's a quick overview of their tips:

  1. Name, Please!;
  2. Be Cautious With Automatic Tweets;
  3. Profile Picture;
  4. Get Listed on Twitter Lists;
  5. Write a Catchy Bio;
  6. It’s In Your Backyard;
  7. Don’t Link to Sales Pages;
  8. Remove the “www.”;
  9. Share Photos;
  10. Brand Your Background; and

...Bonus Tip: Don’t Protect Your Tweets!

But the detail (and the whole Unstrapp'd website, actually) is much more interesting.

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