Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Have You Been Repatriated With Your Current Employer In The Last Two Years?

Hi Everyone, If you are a professional female who has been repatriated with your current employer in the last two years, please consider helping Marcia Viera, a Master of Psychology student at the University of Western Australia, who is conducting a survey which needs more female responses.

"I am currently conducting some research into the repatriation process due to the high level of adjustment problems and turnover associated with repatriation after an international assignment...

I am hoping you may help me by distributing a link to a 20 minute online survey to your subscribers, requesting their confidential participation. I am particularly contacting you due to the high number of male responses and I am hoping to improve my research by getting a greater balance of gender amongst my participants. Thank you very much."

Marcia Vieira
Master of Psychology Student
Ph: +61 407 507 373

Professor John Cordery
Business School
Ph: +61 8 6488 2006

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