Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Glocals, Expat Research & Happy Holidays!

Greetings everyone! Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. Like you (we are guessing), this whole festive season (if you are in a location and/or culture that considers this a festive/holiday season, of course) is quite mad. Lots of commitments. But lots of good, quality, catch-up time with friends/family.

GLOCALS: We saw the term 'Glocals' on this site recently and we just loved it. Has anyone seen it used before? It sounds so simple, globals and locals, but we confess that we have never seen it used online before. The site was formerly known as GenevaOnline, and they describe the site as "a community of friendly globals (expats) & locals in Switzerland".

EXPAT RESEARCH: Nina Cole, who you may remember had a spot in a newsletter a few months back, has asked us to make a mention that she's now looking for more help please: "You can contribute to improved HR management of expats and their families! Your input as an expatriate is essential to a research study currently being conducted by Dr. Nina Cole from Ryerson University in Toronto Canada. Please go to my website and click (up the top) on ’07-08 Sabbatical in Asia’. If you are the spouse of an expat, then click on ‘Spousal Questionnaire’, and take 5 minutes to complete it. If you are an expat employee, then there are three short ‘Expat’ questionnaires to click on, which will take 15-20 minutes to complete. Please email me completed questionnaires via Copies of the results of the study, due mid-08, will be available upon request. Thank you for supporting this effort to improve the management of expat employees and their families." Nina Cole

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: For those of you preparing to close that laptop and enjoy some well-deserved time-off this December/January, we wish you all the very best. May you return refreshed and ready to live amazing lives abroad in 2008!

Warmest wishes,

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Global Girl said...

Glocal sounds like a derivation from glocalization, which refers to the process of simultaneously localizing and globalizing ideas, if I recall correctly. I think it's more or less the same as fregmegation, but with respect to cultural artifacts and ideas. Fragemegation refers to how in some ways, the world is integrating but at the same time fragementing in others. EU dynamics would be one example, where there is movement on one level toward integration (the very existence of the EU) but also fragmenting of countries, because regions are promoting themselves as regions internationally.

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